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Getting Started

Learn what a batting tee is, as well as the many benefits of using a batting tee in your baseball or softball training routines.

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Our Batting Tees

From features and specifications, to choosing the best Tanner Tee for the hitter in your life - here's everything you need to know about the Tanner batting tee lineup.

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About Tanner Tees

We're a family-run operation that's been building batting tees for nearly 30 years and dedicated to helping you through every step of your baseball/softball journey.

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Tanner Warranty Info

We stand behind every Tanner product with a one-year warranty. Our batting tees come with a one-year warranty - plus an extra Tanner Guarantee!

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Shipping & Returns

From shipping inquiries, to transit times, to return information - your product will arrive quickly and ready to use!

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Additional Information

Extra info to make your shopping experience with Tanner Tees a great one.

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Getting Started

The simple definition of a batting tee (also referred to as a hitting tee, a baseball tee, or a softball tee) is a training aid that allows hitters to practice hitting without the need of a pitcher. Just set the tee to the desired height, place your baseball/softball on the ball rest and then focus on creating a swing path that produces a line drive.

Hitting tees are used in every level of a player's baseball/softball journey - from tee-ball, to high school and college, on through to the professional leagues.

You can train with a batting tee almost anywhere, by yourself or with a partner, and there are hundreds of baseball/softball hitting drills that can be done to achieve the goal of contacting the ball in the correct place, so it produces a quality line drive.

For more information about practicing with a batting tee, check out this page on our website: Practicing with a Batting Tee Article

You should view your batting tee as an important piece of equipment - the same as you would your glove or your baseball bat, not "just a tee".  After all, using a batting tee can and will help improve your game at the plate.

You need a durable batting tee because batting tees get used more than every piece of equipment.  In the long run, you are better off purchasing a higher quality tee that comes with a warranty, than a cheaper batting tee that will not be able to withstand the repeated abuse that comes from 100's of hours of tee practice every season/off season.

Why will a cheap batting tee break?

Your six-year-old tee ball team is going to hit the tee repeatedly way below the ball rest while they are learning how to control their body. Swings go errant. Plastic and PVC components are not able to withstand repeated bat strikes, and bat strikes (AKA miss-hits) will always occur.

Your tee should be made of metal sections with a rolled rubber top. Even some of the high school guys and girls will be goofing off or have a bad rep one day, and the tee is going to be hit. Metal sections and a battle-tested assembly process have proven to be effective for durability and longevity.

To train with a batting tee you need a tee, a bat, some balls, and some space.

You do not need a net, although it's convenient to have a net to avoid having to chase the balls you are hitting. Alternatively, you could hit into a fence, but save that for a bucket of old balls, as that can also damage the balls you are hitting.  Some people even hang an old rug or sheet in the garage to hit into.

In the end, all you (really) need is a tee, a bat, and a ball.

Place the baseball or softball on the tee, set up in your stance, and focus the hands to snap the bat to the ball. You want to hit a line drive. On the field it would land over the clay into the outfield, and in a batting cage, the ball would hit the back of the cage three quarters up.

To make training realistic, players and coaches move the tee inside and out and adjust the height up and down to add complexity.

There are literally hundreds of drills, games, or routines that hitters can perform with a tee. It's a tool that is meant to be a supporting cast member for every hitting program, and our Tanner Tees will stick with you for years.

Read more about how to practice with a batting tee. 

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Our Batting Tees

Our founder, Joe Tanner, designed the original pro-style batting tee - you know the ones you see with a slender stem and a rubber cone on top - that's his invention from 1989.  Today, virtually every brand has now adopted Joe's design concept for its form and function.  Tanner Tees are durable, simple to set up (with just a right turn screw method) and use, they ship the next business day, and we guarantee every tee top we roll with an awesome warranty that ensures you get the value you expect.

Our team is always available. You will never get a rushed big-box experience from Tanner. Tanner Tee reviews speak for themselves - read thousands of honest reviews from moms, dads, coaches, and pros. 

We love what we do and take pride in serving every customer! Our mission is to support your baseball/softball journey - whether you're a coach, hitter, parent, or facility owner.

Tanner batting tees are composed of a base, an adjustable stem, and our signature hand-rolled FlexTop.

Every stem is made from the strongest materials, like steel (for the adjustable sections), and sun-resistant rubber for the hand-rolled tee top.

The differences between our batting tee models exist in the bases. We have (4) base options which we call Tanner tee models.

Tanner Tee the Original has a lightweight base made of a plastic polymer commonly used for boats. It is very durable and weather resistant.

The Tanner Pro and the Tanner Heavy model batting tees are composed of a strong metal composite covered in a sun-resistant rubber over-mold.

All of our Tanner Tees would work great for your hitter, and every Tanner Tee is a baseball and softball batting tee.

When deciding which is best for you, it depends on a few factors:

  • Where you’ll be practicing
  • What you are working on
  • The height of your hitter
  • How much moving of the tee from your home to you practice location/hitting facility you expect to do
  • What your price range is

Tanner Tee the Original is our most popular hitting tee for home hitters and youngsters. It is the best priced batting tee we offer and has a five-star performance rating for players of all skill sets and levels for over thirty years! It is easy to carry, lightweight, and can be operated without assistance by a six-year-old with ease. The Original tee is our lightest weight tee, so some folks like to use a weight to keep it more stable on a miss-hit. Others like that it's light and easy to move for any age.

The Tanner Pro batting tee weighs 11 pounds and has a metal base covered in a rubber over mold. It also has a beefed-up stem with features that give it a jolt of extra durability. The Pro model is a beefed-up version of the Tanner Original with a heavier base which gives more stability on uneven surfaces or when being used by a strong adult hitter. 

Last but definitely not least is the most innovative batting tee we offer - named the Tanner Heavy. It's the preferred Tanner Tee of hitting facilities, colleges, and our professional customers.

The Heavy Tee is tee is composed of a strong steel base with a “claw” shape that grips the surface and stabilizes the tee no matter what the conditions: fluffy grass, roots, clay, a gym floor, the garage, turf, or even resting on top of a rubber throw down home plate. 

At 13 total pounds, this durable batting tee will not tip, walk, creep, dump, or move during a hitting session. Tanner Heavy is special because of the elevated shape and 3 points of contact. It performs superior to any square, flat base batting tee! It is an awesome batting tee that performs everywhere for every hitter! 

Each Tanner Tee tee comes in (3) all adjustable sizes:   

  • Adult/Standard (26 - 43 inches): recommended for 9 years and up 
  • Youth/Short (20 – 32 inches): recommended 8 years and younger 
  •  Low-Ball (16 – 23 inches): recommended for advanced high school students, college, and professionals who want to work from a ball to a strike – think really tough pitches that cross the plate beneath the knee to just above it.  

The three differences between the Tanner Pro batting tee and the Tanner Heavy tee are:

  • The shape of the base
  • The total weight of the tee
  • The price

Both are weighted, but the Tanner Heavy tee offers better performance on uneven terrain and more stability because of its heavier weight and "claw" style footing. 

The Tanner Pro tee is slightly lighter than the Heavy, but still weighted and very stable on hitting surfaces. The Tanner Pro can be thought of as the "middle ground" of the weight and portability between the Original model and the Heavy model.

The Tanner Pro model is known for its iconic “T” cut out that can be used as a carrying handle or just looks really cool. 

Big box stores sell a variety of batting tees with seemingly similar features to that of the Tanner Tee models.

There are also plastic, lower-end tees which, in our opinion, should be avoided - as they will fail.

What makes Tanner Tee special is the history of the product and the care we take to ensure every Tanner Tee is perfect for you. We take a lot of pride in being the first company to hand-roll the rubber batting tee top. Our production team is expert at batting tee assembly and artists in rolling a perfect one-inch tightly wound cone that we promise provides an awesome hitting experience.

At Tanner, you will find corporate speed and efficiency, with a family business service-focused mentality. We are competitive with our shipping times from the biggest retailers on the planet, but you will NEVER be just a ticket number to us.

You can expect to reach someone on your first call (or within minutes we'll call you back) and every email you send to us receives a response from a full-time Tanner employee - empowered to make decisions on your behalf and ensure you get the help and attention you need!

There are three sizes: adult, youth, and low ball.


  • The adult tee is for ages nine and up.
  • The youth is for ages 8 and below.
  • The low ball tee is for advanced hitters who want to practice very tough-to-hit pitchers.

That being said, if you have an idea or a training goal, we have a tee stem that will work for you. With our stems, you can reach up to the armpits and below the knees on an adult.

See also: What sizes do Tanner Tees come in and who are each best suited for?

Absolutely! Every Tanner Tee is a softball and baseball-ready batting tee.

Softballs and baseballs perch beautifully on our hand-rolled rubber top. From a hitter's perspective, the view of a baseball resting on a Tanner Tee is the same view - same amount of baseball - they would see from a fastball coming from a pitcher. Only a small (one inch) section of the ball is covered by the tee and the rest is game-like visible.

15oz weighted balls, foam balls, tennis balls, rubber training balls, and pretty much anything in that weight range that can perch on the tee cone can be hit off the Tanner Tee.

We've even rolled tops so MLB guys could have fun hitting golf balls with a bat off the tee (though it is not preferred or recommended!)

Our batting tees cost more than some tees, but less than others.

One reason you may see a similar-looking tee priced lower than ours relates to the materials used in making it. We are committed to balancing the retail price with the best material selection, and we work continuously to improve both the quality of our products and stay conscious of cost. 

We also work with hundreds of small businesses like local sporting goods stores and baseball/softball training facilities with pro shops.

Tanner Tees FAQS Company Info Icon

About Tanner Tees

Contact our sales department with any orders or questions.


Contact Customer Service for general questions, warranties, shipping updates, etc.


Talk to a friendly batting tee expert anytime!

Toll free: 1-800-230-6219 or Local: 941-923-8584

Fax: 941-923-8522

Joe Tanner founded our company, Tanner Tees in 1993.

He developed a height-adjustable durable batting tee with a rolled rubber top in his garage (while working as a hitting coach) out of a necessity to train other players more effectively.

The rolled rubber top – now known as the FlexTop™, is the most popular batting tee top design in use today.

Before the Tanner Tee, batting tee training was not as quality of an experience as it is today. Tees were made of a thick, solid rubber section with a rigid ball rest, and at contact, the tee would interfere with the natural feeling of the bat striking the baseball.

Joe’s Flextop solved this problem making it virtually impossible to feel the ball and providing a significantly improved hitting experience that is the industry standard today.

Our physical and mailing address:

Joe H. Tanner Baseball Products, LLC
Tanner Tees
1867 Barber Road
Sarasota, FL 34240

Come on by anytime 8-4PM ET!

Tanner Tees FAQS Warranty Icon

Tanner Warranty Info

Yes! Each Tanner Tee comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

The manufacturer warranty covers defective parts and materials. It does not cover negligence, dents on metal sections caused by bats, or acceptable wear and tear - consistent with a training aid product that is used to be used often.

The Tanner Customer Guarantee encourages any customer at any time to contact us with any issue regarding their Tanner Tee. We answer all inbound communication - whether it's through email, by phone, or on social sites, and we guarantee to make right any customer service issues appropriately.

It happens so little of the time, we have huge flexibility and guarantee to provide service consistent with the quality of our products.

For more information, please visit our Terms of Service page.

Caring for your Tanner Tee is important. Leaving your tee outside all the time will allow rust to build. It can be used in the rain, but it should not live outside in the elements all of the time because morning dew and moisture can and will make the metal sections rust.

To care for your Tanner batting tee, store it indoors or in your bat bag. Unscrew from the base at least once a month and wipe down the threads.

With the proper care, customers have passed their tees down from player to player for years.

The life of your Tanner Tee is largely dependent on how well you take care of it.

Your Tanner Tee is protected by our product warranty for (almost) everything that could happen to it with the first year of ownership. The warranty has extra protection with our Tanner Guarantee, which we are committed to ensuring you get what you expect out of your tee.

We've seen many young pro ballers who have had their Tanner Tee for a decade. However, be warned batting tees largely break because of miss-hits or using the tee in a manner that was not intended.

That being said, we have a great warranty policy and always work to serve your needs and expectations. 

Things to consider on batting tee longevity:

  • Batting Tees are like a set of tires. If you are a home hitter for personal use and take care of the tee, it will last many years. If you are a team or facility with one tee that gets used for 6 hours of lessons per day, it will need a replacement part sooner.
  • If you leave it outside in the rain or even a covered port that gets dew every morning, it's made of metal and may rust.
  • If your hitters hit the tee every day repeatedly, damage can occur. We have a great warranty that covers the highest use and maybe abuse cases plus cost-effective replacement parts.

Yes!  Replacement Flextops, stems, and even bases are available for purchase to ensure your tee keep operating at peak performance!

Flextop: This would be used for any issues you have with the uppermost section of the Tanner Tee to include the rolled cone. Flextop Replacement Part 

Replacement Stem: This is the part you want if you believe you need a new cone and new metal sections. Your base is good, so you just need the stem. 

Bases: This would be used for just base issues which are rare.

If you need assistance in determining the right replacement parts for your tee, please contact us at the information below:

  • Email: support@tannertees.com
  • Phone: 800-230-6219

We are available wherever you are:

  • Email: support@tannertees.com
  • Phone: 800-230-6219
  • Sales: sales@tannertees.com
  • Instagram: @TANNERTEES
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/tannertees

Call, email, send mail, drop in, or hit us up on social. We are available!

Tanner Tees FAQS Shiping and Returns Icon

Shipping & Returns

We guarantee to get your order on the road within one business day of your purchase.

For example, if you order on a Monday, your order will ship the same day or at the latest on Tuesday.

If you order Friday, it will ship Monday.

A handful of items we source from baseball suppliers, so they may ship outside of our next-day commitment.

Remember, shipping is also FREE orders over $30 except a few larger items that have a flat rate. Every Tanner Tee and Tanner Bundle ships FAST and FREE!

We are committed to shipping your qualifying order Fast and Free*.  (Free standard shipping for orders $30+.)

Domestic lower 48 states are typically between the next day and five-day arrival from the day the order is placed.

Here is general guidance based on FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery:

  • Two Day Arrival: Southeast states like FL, GA, AL, and NC 
  • Three Day Arrival: Northeast and Midwest states like TX, IL, NY, OH, and VA 
  • Four to Five Day Arrival: Western and Midwest states like AZ, CA, WA, OR, and MN
  • We have the ability to expedite your order for a fee.

You can elect to purchase guaranteed overnight, two-day, or three-day services during checkout or by calling us at 1-800-230-6219.  

Alaska and Hawaii may receive free shipping on certain items over $30, but you cannot place orders to Alaska or Hawaii through the website.

Please contact customer support to place your order if you would like to go this route, and we will quote you a cost based on shipping as cheap and accurately as possible.

Most single tee orders of any model will ship free to both Alaska and HI, but please contact us! 

Email: support@tannertees.com 

Toll-Free: 1–800–230–6219 | Local: 941 – 923 – 8584

We can hit a two-day delivery target time to FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, and other states near to us in FL.

Three days is generally the guidance for Texas and Midwest and it goes up from there as you get to Oregon, CA, and WA which are 4-5 days.

Tanner Tees sold on Amazon with "ships and sold by Amazon.com" will ship from an Amazon warehouse to you in two days delivery time if you are a Prime Member.

Do not buy on Amazon from any seller except Tanner Tees (us) and Amazon.com.

All retail orders over $30 for Tanner brand items ship free* from www.tannertees.com. (Orders under $30 have a small shipping fee of $6.99) *Excludes items shipping to Hawaii and Alaska which may have additional shipping fees.  Please contact Customer Service for details on shipping to those locations.

Oversized items such as the Bullet line of commercial grade screens and the Pitchers Pocket ship with a flat fee which is listed on the product detail page for the item.  


Please contact Customer Service by one of the listed below options to get set up for an exchange.

We'll ask you to send back the item and cover the shipping, and we will ship the return for free!

Email: support@tannertees.com 

Toll-Free: 1–800 –230–6219 | Local: 941–923–8584  

If this is our mistake, we will own it and pay for the return shipping cost and ship the correct product free and promptly.

Please contact Customer Service by one of the listed below options to get set up for an exchange.

Email: support@tannertees.com 

Toll-Free: 1–800 –230–6219 | Local: 941–923–8584

We accept returns for refunds for unused, undamaged items for a period of 14 days from delivery. 

Please get in contact with Customer support first.

Below are all the ways you can get in contact with us. 

Email: support@tannertees.com 

Toll-Free: 1–800 –230–6219 | Local: 941–923–8584  

Tanner Tees FAQS Helpful Info Icon

Additional Information

Yes! It's very fast and very easy.

Just go here to start your school/university PO!


From time to time, Tanner Tees does offer promo codes.

Any coupons or promotions are communicated by email to our newsletter subscribers.

If you join, you'll get a video series of 5 hitting drills from a major leaguer, plus monthly emails that focus on hitting.

Sign up on the bottom of the home page www.tannertees.com.

To connect with other like-minded players, parents, and coaches who love the game of baseball and softball as much as you do, visit our connect page here: www.tannertees.com/connect.

We are one Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Our content is focused on helping hitters hit better - with some product announcements and deals throughout the year too.

Don't forget to join our email list as well!

To purchase a Tanner Tee from a local business nearest to you, check out our Store Locator to find an authorized Tanner Tee partner.

Please be sure to contact them in advance to ensure product availability and inventory.

The Tanner Tees facility program is the best in the business.


Because you always get someone who can make decisions and handle all your needs right away.  No red tape, no minimums for facilities, and great pricing.

We would love to earn your business, and you will find selling Tanner Tees and related products to your clients is easy!

Join our Partner Program here. 


Not all sellers of Tanner Tees are listed as authorized partners.

On Amazon, the only authorized seller is Amazon.com (Prime) listed at $90 as of January 2022, and any items shipped and sold by Tanner Tees, which is us!

On eBay, it is best to contact us or the seller to ensure nothing funny is going on with a rogue listing.

Or, to avoid any headaches - buy direct on TannerTees.com!

Tanner Tees is always interested in developing new products to enhance a player's skills.

If you have a product idea you'd like to discuss, just send an email to support@tannertees.com.

Tanner Tees can ship internationally by FedEx.

We also have partners in Japan, Europe, and Canada. Start an international order here.

Absolutely! We are veteran owned and appreciate your and/or your family member's service.

We have an active duty and veteran military discount on every batting tee, plus most all Tanner brand items on TannerTees.com. Just email us with your current unit, duty station, or past unit and duty station, and our team will know how to verify you served or are serving! And if you are a secret squirrel who can't reveal your unit, we're sure you can find a way to show your veteran or active duty status! Email Us

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