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Athletes Share Top Softball and Baseball Superstitions and Rituals for Successful Games

Athletes Share Top Softball and Baseball Superstitions and Rituals for Successful Games

Some people say that baseball and softball have some of the most superstitious athletes in sports.

Whether it’s the infamous Curse of the Bambino or complex pregame rituals for individual athletes, there are a multitude of softball and baseball superstitions and rituals players like to use to ensure game-day victory. 

On St Patrick’s Day, Tanner Tees asked our fans to share the personal game day tricks they believe bring them good luck, and the responses covered all the bases from the practical to the sentimental, silly, and wild. 

So, what were the top game day good luck charms reported?

Quirky Food Takes Top Game Day Honors

Food is fuel for top athletic performance, but sometimes it can also bring a mental edge when it's your good luck charm. What were the most popular lucky snacks shared?

  • PB&J Sandwich (A VERY popular choice)
  • 1 hot dog and 2 sunny-side-up eggs (together)
  • 1 Swedish fish and 1 red pixie stick (together of course)
  • Pregame quesadilla or breakfast pizza
  • Sunflower seeds (another popular must-have, especially David's Seeds)
  • Slice of Pizza and a Dr. Pepper
  • Beef jerky
  • Pretty much anything from Chick-fil-A (another popular choice)
  • Lucky Charms cereal
  • Big League Chew/bubble gum
  • The athlete’s lucky color of Gatorade

Music Brings the Energy for Many Hitters

The most popular pregame ritual by far is having the right playlist and even busting out some favorite TikTok dance moves.

  • Play my favorite hype music playlist on game day (most popular choice)
  • Mr. 305 Pitbull for vibe
  • “Legend” by The Score
  • “Keeping the Promise”
  • “Everyday I’m Hustlin” by Rick Ross
  • Super Gremlin!
  • Sweet Child O’ Mine, Back in Black, and Astronaut in the Ocean
  • Taylor Swift music!
  • Humming my own walk-up music
  • Slow jams
  • Dancing with my team before the game
  • Bachata dance in the locker room

Positive Vibes and Affirmations Only

Prayer and positive game-day mantras were frequent answers from many fans.        

  • Prayer before every game was a popular pregame practice.
  • Power words are sewn in gloves and clothing.
  • The parent says, “Play hard, stay safe have fun,” at every game.
  • No negative comments on game day – only positive
  • The athlete says, “Good day, good luck Mamita!”
  • Pregame hugs, handshakes, or fist bumps with Mom and/or Dad

The Uniform Game Must Be on Point

Getting ready on game day is a process filled with favorite good luck rituals and lucky charms.

  • Pockets out!
  • Pink underwear and rub my belly 3 times!
  • Eye black – 50/50 split on whether it was lucky to wear or not.
  • Wearing a favorite gold chain was a popular choice.
    • The chain that was passed down from dad or grandfather
    • Batman chain
    • Charm with my number / Good luck charm
  • A special pair or color of lucky socks is a must-have for many contributors.
  • Must have lucky wristbands or arm sleeves.
  • Crocs or Vans in the dugout bring some hitters good fortune.
  • Orange nail polish
  • Signature hairstyle in a bun, braids, or with a lucky hair tie.
  • Lucky hat or visor (occasionally worn backward).
  • No long sleeves under my uniform no matter how cold it is.

Left or Right Side First?

When it comes to putting on socks, shoes, and gloves, a few hitters said they start on the right side, MOST folks said that their ritual is to always start with the left.                      

A Good Night’s Sleep and Pregame Warmups

Aside from one hitter who let us know his best luck comes when he sleeps on the floor the night before, most of the other pregame routines were more traditional (and comfortable).

  • Don’t ever step on the white lines.
  • BP with the team before the game.
  • BP with Mom or Dad at home before heading to the field.
  • Lucky number (or jersey number) of hitting practice swings or pushups at home.
  • Warm up the opposite arm first.
  • Playing with the dogs at home.
  • Wearing my departed dog’s neckerchief.
  • Bat prep routines – pine tar/rosin above the handle and Mota stick on the handle.
  • Tap my helmet with my bat before my first at-bat.
  • Get there early so I’m not stressed.
  • Plan to get there early but run late every time!
  • Don’t drag your bat.

Parents and Coaches Have Rituals Too!

  • Coffee! (An overwhelmingly popular answer for parents and coaches.)
  • I don’t wash my pants until we lose (I’m a coach).
  • Same spot on the bleachers every time!
  • I just love being in the stands to cheer my kid and his teammates on!

We Make Our Own Luck

Several of the responses let us know they believe the best luck comes from being prepared and practicing hard the days, weeks, and months BEFORE they get to the field.

They say, “Luck favors the prepared” and for nearly 30 years Tanner Tees has been helping athletes, coaches, and teams prepare for game day wins with premium hitting equipment.  Trust the team at Tanner for batting tees, nets, training balls, instructional aids, and more.

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