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Avoid this Batting Tee Mistake

Avoid this Batting Tee Mistake

Where should you stand when hitting off a batting tee?

This question is a VERY important one… and unfortunately, it’s one of the most common batting tee mistakes that less experienced players make when using a batting tee.  


The Common Batting Tee Mistake

The batting tee is an essential piece of batting practice equipment. One of the MOST COMMON mistakes that young baseball and softball players make when learning to use a batting tee is that they are too far forward.  

If you take your stride and your foot lands in front of the batting tee, then the baseball or softball is too deep for the hitter to make ideal contact with it.  In other words, this positioning relative to the tee makes it impossible to hit the ball with correct form.  

At best, this stance is not helping you get better.  

At worst, the hitter can develop bad habits and reinforce bad form if this isn't caught and corrected.

A Helpful Rule of Thumb for Getting the Most From Batting Tee Work

Former Major Leaguer Matt Antonelli posted a video in which he shares the tee routine he uses with his son (see below for the full video).  In his video, he shares a  simple “rule of thumb” to easily fix the hitter’s positioning relative to the batting tee.

So, what's the answer to, "Where should you stand when hitting off a batting tee?"  

Here is Matt's “rule of thumb” that can help any baseball or softball player correct this mistake quickly and get it right every time.  

 — Rule of Thumb—

At contact, your stride foot should end up even with the batting tee.  


Notice the rule of thumb says “at contact”  That means you’ve already taken your stride and your bat is making contact with the baseball. 

At that point, notice where the lead foot lands. You want it to be roughly even with the batting tee.  

If it’s not, then you’ll want move the starting point back, away from the pitcher.  Do it a few inches at a time, until the final result (at contact) is that your foot lands about even with the batting tee.  


To see it in action and to watch how former MLB player Matt Antonelli uses his Tanner Heavy as he coaches his son through a hitting routine, click play on the video below. 

Equipment used in Video

  • Tanner Heavy Tee - The Heavy tee is a professional quality batting tee.  It features our highest level of stability thanks to the 10lb claw base.  It remains stable on any surface, including a raised home plate or grass.  
  • Practice Baseballs - One dozen practice baseballs have a cork-center, are dual rubber protected, are 20% wool, and have a premium leather cover.  

Related Equipment

Tanner Jr. Batting Tee

If you’re just getting started with a very young hitter (ages 3 to 8) the Tanner Jr. is the best t ball tee or kid's batting tee on the market (in our opinion.)


The Tanner Jr features a rugged metal stem overmolded with soft rubber and sturdy flexible rubber base that provides stability.  Parents love that can rest on top of home plate for t ball game play or on grass for backyard play. 

The ball rest is a flexible rubber cone that encourages hitters to swing hard through contact.  

The Hitting Deck

The Hitting Deck  shows hitters the proper foot and batting tee placement to maximize tee work practice to build more power and skill at bat.

 It can be helpful for young hitters to self-correct when working alone and as a visual aid for coaches and parents working with a young athlete.


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