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8 Best Pitching Machines of 2020

8 Best Pitching Machines of 2020

The key to becoming a great hitter is repetition - practicing your swing over and over again, and one way to practice hitting is of course through tee work, this can also be done by using the best pitching machines. By using a baseball or softball tee, hitters can practice their swinging mechanics, work on specific pitch locations, and adjust for any height they want to work on. Tee work is certainly an integral part of a hitter’s practice and used from tee ball to the major leagues, but today we want to help you decide which of the best pitching machines is the ideal fit for your facility.

While pitching machines vary greatly in price and quality, you should be able to find one that fits your specific needs through good research and even better understanding of your team, individual or organizational needs.

There are a lot of different types of machines, from the most basic spring-loaded to high speed types that throw curveballs at a major league spin rate. Portable pitching machines run off of batteries while the majority rely on electric power - be sure to have a power source near the field and extension cords. There are many things to consider when researching the best pitching machines on the market.

Some machine use a wheel or multiple wheels to create speed and spins, while others utilize springs for their power.

You can purchase a pitching machine for a few hundred dollars up to many $1000s. For an even larger investment, you can purchase a pitching machine that will even provide analytical software to improve your hitting. It all comes down to quality and options.

But Shouldn't I Practice Hitting Live Pitches?

Yes, you should, and you will. Even the best pitching machines don't replace arms, and arms don't discredit the pitching machine. Just like tee work, batting practice with a machine versus batting practice with an arm has both advantages and disadvantages. Some people may argue that pitching machines throw off your rhythm and timing, which is probably true if your team never hit live pitching and always hit belt high 78mph soft-balls in practice. Other people would say that you can't run a high-level organization without a pitching machine, or a few of them, because players can't pitch BP, parents and coaches can't throw endless strikes, and arms get tired.

An accurate pitching machine also helps young hitters get comfortable in the batter's box without the fear of getting hit by the baseball. Every coach or kid-pitch team has a hitter who bails out of the box as the pitch flies in because the moving pitch is intimidating. Maybe that hitter got hit and now has a bit of a mental barrier. A good batting machine helps give the nervous hitters the confidence to stay in the batters box when they face live pitching. They also speed up practice and game time.

So here are our choices for the best pitching machines in the marketplace, ranging from the least costly to the most expensive:

Louisville Slugger Blue Flame Pitching Machine – For Baseball & Softball

Photo of pitching machine

This low-cost pitching machine throws any type of ball (baseballs, softballs, dimple balls, and plastic balls) from 18 to 45 MPH with adjustable speed control. Lightweight and completely manual – no electricity or batteries are needed this machine is very accurate and will also throw grounders and fly balls for fielding practice.

Heater Base Hit Pitching Machine

photo of pitching machine

This low cost pitching machine pitches lite balls up to 60 MPH and real baseballs up to 45 MPH. Comes with a variable speed control and adjustable pitch height. Has a handy ball feeder as well. The Base Hit Pitching Machine is hard to beat for the price.

Heater Sports Heavy-Duty Pitching Machine with Feeder

Photo of a pitching machine

Heater makes this high-quality pitching machine which is an upgrade from their Base Hit model. It features an all-metal housing and a 12 ball feeder. It pitches real baseballs up to 52 MPH and lite baseballs up to 80 MPH. Perfect for kids, teens, and adults.

BSN Bulldog Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine

photo of a pitching machine

This lightweight design helps you move around the pitching machine with ease. For use with baseball and softball, it throws balls between 30 and 60 MPH with a variety of different pitches. It runs on 110 AC or generator.

Zooka ZS740 Pitching Machine

photo of a pitching machine

The Zooka may be battery-powered, but it still has some power. This lightweight, portable machine will provide 500 pitches at 70 MPH on a single charge, making this a great option for fields and remote areas with no electricity. Throws real baseballs, dimple balls and safety balls.

First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine

photo of a pitching machine

The First Pitch Baseline full size pitching machine features baseball and softball

throws, up to 70 MPH, as well as ground balls and fly balls. High quality construction, it adjusts easily to individual hitters and is very accurate.

Junior Hack Attack Softball Pitching Machine

photo of a pitching machine

For serious softball hitters, the Junior Hack Attack throws 60+ MPH fastballs, risers, drops, right and left-handed screwballs up and into the batters. This machine is versatile enough for high school, college, and professional players. The throwing head pivots so it can also be used for ground balls, line drives, pop-ups, and 175 fly balls. It is portable and can fit into compact cars.

Spinball Wizard Two Wheel Pitching Machine

Picture of a pitching machine

When speed counts, the Spinball Wizard delivers, pitching baseballs up to
105 MPH and softballs up to 88 MPH. This is a versatile machine, throwing
any pitch from any angle with pinpoint accuracy. It is also portable,
weighing just 59 lbs. With a five year warranty and made in the USA, the
Spinball Wizard is a top pick for its price range.

The Choice is Yours!

As you have seen, pitching machines for baseball and softball hitters come in a wide range of prices quality and features. Each of these models are the best pitching machines in their price range, so pick the one that best fits your individual needs and swing away!


The staff at Tanner Tees is always here to answer any questions you might have.  Give us a call (800-230-6219) or visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to connect with other members of our community!

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