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4 Reasons to Love the Sequence Training Bat

4 Reasons to Love the Sequence Training Bat

This new baseball training bat - The Sequence Bat - is a great reminder that simple tools can be incredibly powerful.  

Think about a hammer or screwdriver.  Simple.  Practical.  Effective.  

There are no moving parts.  No fancy gizmos.  Just a solid maple hardwood bat with one unique feature.  

And once you see the genius behind its design, you can’t un-see it.

What is a Sequence Bat?

What is the Sequence Training Bat?  It’s a “feel to learn” baseball training bat that teaches correct baseball swing mechanics in a unique and effective way.

And the best part about it?  

It’s also “self-correcting,” so it’s nearly impossible to get wrong (no matter what age the hitter is). 

Made of solid maple hardwood baseball, the Sequence training bat stands out due to it's very unique (some would say strange looking) feature… it has an extra “handle.” 

The Sequence Training Bat

This patented “split grip” forces hitters to start the swing and come into the contact position with a very specific ideal bat path and hand position.

Coaches are having great results with this softball and baseball training bat because hitters can feel and see what their hands and body are doing during the swing, and then they can take that knowledge into real at-bats.   

What Does the Sequence Training Bat Do?

The Sequence Training Bat is an incredibly powerful tool for teaching proper swing mechanics and developing more power in your swing.  

Here are some benefits of training with the Sequence Bat

  • Improves launch position
  • Swing Path Awareness 
  • More Power 
  • Connection & Kinetic Chain  
  • No Rollover/Casting 
  • Barrel Accuracy & Awareness

Next one might ask “HOW does it do all of those things?”

Here’s how.

1 - Feel to Learn

With the hands separated, the effect of hand movement is on swing power, bat path, etc, is greatly exaggerated.  

This often reveals to the hitter things they didn’t know they were doing, and it creates an “ah hah” moment when they do things correctly.

“As a coach, I am always looking for simple tools to help teach players the proper movements. Verbal ques just don’t work, the body has to feel what is efficient. The Sequence bat is a great tool that does just that.”

— Jake Schroeder - Coach - Russel, IA

“The sequence bat reassures and rewards proper movements as well as exposing improper ones, producing a more consistent and powerful swing”

— Bobby Minotti - Virginia Military Institute

2 - Trains Proper Hitting Mechanics for the Upper Body

Here’s how Luke Scott, former Major League power hitter for Orioles & Astros, explains it in his Sequence Training Bat review:

“The Sequence bat is used to train the proper mechanics of the upper body in the swing

It separates the lead arm and power arm by forcing them to work from the correct position.   If not in the correct position, it will be difficult to hit the ball. 

A secondary result is the ability to detect the feel of both arms individually so that any problems can be recognized and corrected”

— Luke Scott - Former MLB Outfielder for Houston, Baltimore, & Tampa Bay

3 - “Self Correcting” to Eliminate Swing Flaws

The Sequence training bat quickly fixes these VERY common swing problems:

  • Rolling over / weak contact position
  • Casting
  • Improper sequence / disconnected swing
  • Collapsing 
  • Poor bat path / swinging under the ball
  • Inconsistent swing

One coach, Scott Turner describes the Sequence trainer as the perfect training tool for anyone who is “having trouble with staying back on the ball or keeping your hands inside the ball”   

He says the reason it helps is that it “Develops muscle memory and discipline for a more consistent swing.” 

The Sequence in Sequence Bat refers to nothing more than the set of movements or events that explain the baseball/softball swing. You can really get into the weeds with the swing sequence and it is explained in different ways with varying terms.  

The short of it is the swing occurs in a specific order of movements that includes the front foot, heel, hips, and then eventually the arms as they move the barrel into contact and follow through after contact.  

Sequence Bat starts hitters in an exaggerated palm up/palm down launch position, and that same strong palm up/palm down occurs throughout contact. In doing so, the barrel remains close to the body which makes rolling over and casting the hands impossible – well it’s possible to roll over with the Sequence Bat but the rolling over feeling is so obvious with the bat that hitters will take note.

Sequence Baseball Training bat tanner tees 2

To square up a baseball, the Sequence Bat forces the hitter to move through the launch to get the barrel into the hitting zone early and eventually to make contact all in a palm up/palm down arm position, which is widely known as the most powerful hitting position.   

Here’s an explanation of what palm up/palm down means at contact. The short of it is it’s a very strong position because the arms, hands, and hips are close to the body and connected. This means energy can transfer from the feet, hips, core, and arms into a violent whipping motion of the barrel coming through the zone into contact. (Read: Kinetiinetic Sequence)  

4 - Increases Power

If a hitter is doing any of the bad habits mentioned in #3 above, then they probably aren’t hitting for much power.  

But if you can eliminate rolling over or casting, or get the swing sequenced properly, you’re going to see an instant and very noticeable difference in your power. 

The split-grip also forces hitters to begin the swing from an exaggerated launch position with their hands separated and maintain those hand positions when they hit the baseball. (Read: Launch Position Explained)  

Through it all, this unique training tool creates many different “ah hah” moments, as hitters realize they CAN generate more power…  and they get to FEEL what movements are making it happen.

“My son’s swing looks so much better, plus he has a better understanding of your pull and push through the ball. He is visibly hitting the ball harder!”

— Rick - South Little League- Winston-Salem, NC

Does the Sequence Bat Actually Work?

The Sequence Training Bat is still fairly new, but the feedback on it has been very positive.  

Long-time coaches are VERY familiar with the frustrating feeling of trying to describe a movement to a hitter - such as what their hands should be doing, or how to generate more power.   

And that’s why this baseball training bat has been so incredibly well received.  

Coaches have been incredibly impressed at how just a few swings with this baseball training bat teach proper swing mechanics much more clearly than just words or even demonstrating ever could… because it it incorporates “feel to learn” principles.

Here are some recent Sequence Bat reviews, from both baseball and softball players, coaches and training facilities. 

Three 5 Start Reviews

How to Use the Sequence Bat for Baseball / Softball

It’s not quite accurate to say Sequence Bat has two handles. There are two places hitters are meant to place their hands. One is a bat handle with a knob the same as your game bat. The other is more like a hand grip, knob-less, that runs adjacent to the knob handle. 

  • Hitters put their bottom hand on the knob barrel 
  • Top hand on the hand grip
  • Then take a swing - Use for tee work, side toss, and front toss up to 40 mph
  • At contact, check that the “mallet” part of the bat is oriented properly (see image)
  • If the hitter’s arms end up crossed after the swing, that’s a red flag that the mechanics were not correct

Collapsing, rolling over, chopping down and many other problems will become instantly apparent as you swing.

Man Using The Sequence Training Bat

What Age Is the Sequence Bat for?

  • The regular Sequence training bat is recommended for ages 11 and up. 
  • The Junior Sequence Bat is for 10 and under. 

Where to Buy a Sequence Bat?

Click here to get your Sequence bat delivered quickly!

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