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Tanner Tees Teams with L.E.A.D.

Tanner Tees Teams with L.E.A.D.

Tanner Tees is proud to announce its corporate sponsorship with L.E.A.D., a non-profit organization based in Atlanta, GA that uses the sport of baseball to empower an at-risk generation to lead and transform their city.

L.E.A.D. stands for:

Launch - Launching student athletes towards educational opportunities after converting raw talent into the skills required for entry into college athletic programs.

Expose - Exposing teens to service and local enrichment activities in order to instill a sense of responsibility, belonging and investment; key requirements for building a civically engaged individual.

Advise - Advising players, coaches and parents on the process of effectively supporting dreams of playing baseball at the college level.

Direct - Directing young men towards their promise by using the historical journey of past African American legends as the road map.

C.J. Stewart, former Chicago Cubs outfielder and CEO of Diamond Directors (one of the top baseball player development organizations in the country) saw a need to provide deserving youth with a pathway to high school graduation, college access and career opportunities in his home town of Atlanta.

"We are grateful to work with Tanner Tees and appreciate their determination to transform lives through the great sport of baseball," said Stewart, L.E.A.D co-founder and CEO. "Our core values of excellence, humility, integrity, loyalty, stewardship and teamwork are the same traits that Tanner has shown during our time together. That is one of the many reasons why Tanner Tees is so popular with baseball and softball organizations around the world. They create a quality product that I can trust in my development process."

"Through its Ambassador Program, the L.E.A.D. organization continues to provide opportunities for inner-city youth and prepare them to be mentors in their communities," said Andy Menard, owner of Tanner Tees. "We believe, as C.J. does, that baseball can provide valuable life lessons and it can inspire youth towards higher education and civic engagement."

Recently, Stewart and other representatives from L.E.A.D. flew down to Sarasota to film a video with Tanner Tees.

Tanner Tees and LEAD

We really had a great time and cemented a bond forged by our love for baseball and desire to help young people succeed," said Menard. "We especially enjoyed hearing about L.E.A.D.’s stats: 100% high school graduation, 95% college enrollment and 92% scholarship rates. Those are remarkable stats for a remarkable organization that is making a huge difference, not only in Atlanta, but across the country."

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Stay tuned for more updates from L.E.A.D and Tanner Tees.

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About the Author

Andy joined the company in 2012 after seven years in the military as a member of US Army Special Forces. As a Green Beret, he worked in small teams of highly trained combat soldiers and brings a special operations mindset to business and leadership. He has a degree in exercise physiology from Stetson University and was a collegiate athlete. At Tanner Tees, his focus is on brand building, ecommerce operations, and customer experience. Andy enjoys fitness, all things sports and doing yardwork at home.

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