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Front Side Direction Drill -Improve Your Skill Level

Front Side Direction Drill -Improve Your Skill Level

The Front Side Direction Drill keeps you from opening the chest to swing the bat. The goal is to hold direction and keep from turning too early.

Kevin Cornelius

Kevin Cornelius Hitting



Hi everybody, this is coach Cornelius. We’re going to go over a simple Front Side Direction Drill today.

A lot of times what we see with hitters is that they want to fly their chest open first.

Or pull their front shoulder if you’ve heard that before.

Something to combat that, is to have a barrier or a set up for the arm or the shoulder pointed straight. 

Think about working the backside of the barrel underneath and then meeting them back together.

Rather than pulling that off, opening the chest and then launching the barrel.


Simple drill. All you’re going to do is set up your tee, point at either the second baseman for a right-handed or the pitcher.

If you’re left-handed point at the shortstop or the pitcher.

Hold your hand up, have it (the barrel) ready, look out at the pitcher, look at the ball, check the barrel. Really simple drill, what we don’t want to see is get to here, flip the barrel, then fly off.

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