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#1 Way to Increase Exit Velocity

#1 Way to Increase Exit Velocity

When done properly, studies show that overload/underload training can increase exit velocity for baseball and softball hitters by an average of 8 to 10 mph.

How Does Overload/Underload Training Work?

On the surface, it's a simple (and proven) concept.  Athletes use a carefully selected combination of heavier and lighter-weighted equipment. 

  1. Heavyweight to increase muscle strength
  2. Lightweight to increase fast twitch muscle fiber (bat speed)

For example... if you were an Olympic javelin thrower, you'd throw a heavier javelin to increase strength, and a lighter one to increase speed.

For baseball and softball hitters, we use a combination of heavy bats and lighter bats to do the same thing to increase exit velocity.

It's incredibly effective because you are increasing dynamic strength, which is the specific type required for an explosive baseball swing.

But the catch is…  When done properly

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation on this topic, which can ruin your chances of using it successfully.

If you want to use this exercise to increase your bat speed and power, there are 3 common misconceptions you'll want to avoid:

Misconception 1 - I Tried a Weighted Training Bat but it Made Me Slower

Not all heavy bats or bat weights are good.  Some of them can actually do real damage to a hitter's swing.

Many heavy bats and bat weights are end-loaded, like a sledgehammer which might give you stronger muscles, but your swing can actually get slower as bad mechanics develop and you could decrease rather than increase exit velo.

Thankfully, the fix is an easy one.  Using a bat with a weight near the hands gives the benefit of building strength and allows you to maintain good swing mechanics.  That’s why it’s critical to use a heavy bat with proper weight distribution when using this exercise method to build bat speed. Here's a great demonstration.

Video Transcript

How would you like to increase bat speed by five to ten miles per hour in as little as two weeks? Trey Sykes here, Division One All-American first baseman, and I always get asked the same question: how do I increase bat speed and power? Let's break it down because I want to show you a fast and easy way to do exactly that.

If you want to get stronger and build muscle, what do you do? You lift heavy weights, right? Increasing your bat speed and power is no different; you want to train with a heavier bat. Training with a heavier bat builds the swing muscles, making your swing strong and more powerful. But there's one big issue: every heavier bat on the market is end-loaded, so the weight is toward the end of the bat and in the barrel. But that's not what we want. Here's why:

Imagine holding a sledgehammer from the handle, just like every heavy training bat on the market. The weight is on the end of the hammer, right? Now try swinging it with all the weight at the end. It makes your hands come around the ball, which breaks down your mechanics. But we don't want to break down our mechanics, do we? That's what the heavy training bats in the market are doing; they're breaking down your mechanics. So even though you're getting stronger, it's ruining your swing.

But now, hold that same sledgehammer from right below the weight, near the head of the hammer. It's much easier to control, isn't it? Same sledgehammer, same weight, but the weight placement is different, making it easier to control. That's what the Camwood Hands and Speed Trainer does, and that's why it's the only bat I'll train with.

The Camwood bat is a heavy training bat, but the difference is we've added weight right above the hands instead of the barrel. So the Camwood lets you train with a heavier bat without breaking down your mechanics. In fact, it will improve your mechanics because with the weight above the hands, it forces your hands to the ball, creating the proper bat path. So not only will it increase your bat speed and power, you're also going to improve your mechanics.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Imagine what it would look like if you gain 10 miles per hour of bat speed over the next 30 days. What would that do for you at the plate? It would give you a ton of confidence, wouldn't it? It's kind of like playing the MLB The Show video game. The better the hitter, the more confidence he has at the plate. The bigger the hitting cursor is, which makes it more likely you'll get a hit.

Now, imagine standing at the plate in the real world with that level of confidence. Your hitting cursor is the size of the strike zone, like in the video game. You just know that no matter where the ball is pitched, you're gonna hit it and do some damage. That's what it's like after training with the Camwood bat and having confidence at the plate.

Now, you may be thinking, who's this for? Everyone, really. The Camwood bat is for baseball and softball players looking to increase their bat speed and improve their mechanics. Players from six years old up to the pros train with the Camwood bat. Are you ready to join them and improve your bat speed and power, train your swing, hone your mechanics, and skyrocket your confidence at the plate? Let's go. Click the button below and get your hands on a Camwood bat today.

Misconception 2 - I Tried Using a Weighted Training Bat but it Didn't Work

Length of time matters.  When it comes to building muscle strength, studies show that it typically takes 6 to 8 weeks to see muscle adaptation (aka get stronger muscles). Just swinging the bat without consistency and a training plan is the same as doing a few pushups and getting upset that you’re not stronger. 

Misconception 3 - All I Need to do is Swing the Weighted Training Bat 

Dry swings alone won't get you big results. One study compared 3 groups against each other: (1) regular bat only (2) dry swings with a heavy bat and (3) hitting a ball with a heavy bat.

After 6 weeks of roughly 100 swings per day, Group 3 (hitting a ball) experienced 40% more improvement than the group taking dry swings.

The control group swinging just their regular bat showed no improvement in exit velocity, while the group hitting a ball increased exit velocity by an average of 10 mph.  That’s a huge difference!

So what that means for hitters is that a traditional donut won't work for this.  Instead, you’ll want an overload training bat or bat weight where you can still hit a ball off of a tee or soft toss.  

camwood bat weighted bat to increase exit velo

What You Need to Know About Baseball Weighted Training Bats

Here's the science in a nutshell:

  • 6 - 8 weeks to see muscle adaptation
  • Hitting Drills should include a 2:1 Ratio of heavy or light to regular weight. 
  • Use a properly weighted bat for overload to avoid developing bad hitting mechanics

As pointed out above, hitters need to be VERY careful about what they use for the overload portion of training.  The CamWood Hands & Speed Trainer has the proper weight distribution for both overload training AND developing better hitting mechanics. You can also consider the ProVelocity bat, which offers hitters the flexibility of adjustable resistance bands.

For more info on what makes the CamWood bat unique, this short video explains how it improves both strength and bat speed for the ultimate power boost.

In addition to the Camwood Hands and Speed bat, we have curated our favorite weighted bats, bat weights, and swing trainers that hitters say get results.   

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