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#1 Way to Easily Adjust Your Tanner Batting Tee Height

#1 Way to Easily Adjust Your Tanner Batting Tee Height

When an adjustable batting tee seems to get stuck at the bottom of its range and won't stay up, it's often result of the friction-adjusting parts wearing down internally. When this happens, it no longer has the ability to support the weight of the tee shaft and the baseball or softball.

It's easy to adjust batting tee height for your Tanner tee and find official replacement parts if needed.

We've all seen broken down batting tees like this at a training facility or high school cage. They are stuck at one low pitch height and no one wants to use them.

In some cases the tee is simply old and has performed admirably to its max capacity - it justifiably has earned a refresh with batting tee replacement parts.  In other cases where a new tee is stuck after just a few weeks of use, it shows the tee needs an adjustment to work its best.  

About Height Adjustment

A premium Tanner Tee is patented in three unique places, one of which ensures your Tanner batting tee height is always available at all levels of the hitting zone.  

We call it the Friction Adjustment System, located at the bottom of each Tanner Flextop.

With a simple turn of a screw, this technology gives hitters the ability to control the height adjustment on their Flextop™ to make it tighter or looser based on preference.

This Tanner tee technology gives hitters the ability to customize tension and ensures your batting tee doesn't become stuck at the bottom of the hitting zone.

How to Adjust Tanner Batting Tee Height

With an easy adjustment, your tee can be tightened in seconds. Simply turn the screw at the base of the Friction Adjustment System, and a loose tee is tightened. Your tee life is prolonged, and your hitters train the entire range of the tee. 

To keep your tees in the rotation longer, keep the tee work level high, and never get stuck training at just one pitch height.

How is a Flextop made?

Each patented Flextop is hand rolled (and signed) by a skilled craftsman at our Sarasota, FL location. You'll see the initials of the Tanner team member who assembled your tee and most importantly hand-rolled your top to perfection!

Our Flextop sets Tanner Tees apart from any other training tool. The rubber we shape each Flextop from combines with a specific assembly process that provides a longer lasting top than other tees. Flexible yet strong rubber allows the bat to pass through the contact point with the least interference (and without harming your bat) providing instant feedback with every hit. With the baseball or softball resting high on the Flextop, hitters will focus on contacting the correct part of the ball to produce line drives, while never feeling the tee.

Can I Replace an Old Flextop?

The patented Tanner Flextop is designed to hold up to regular daily hitting practice with baseball and softball players at every level. But after extended regular use or unintended accidental damage (think lawn mowers, dogs chewing, etc. - we have seen it all) you may notice it is not performing as well as it once did. Instead of replacing the entire tee, you can order an official replacement Flextop. The Flextop is easily replaced in less than 10 minutes.

Note: Every Tanner Tee comes assembled with a new FlexTop. We also offer batting tee replacement parts in the form of a new FlexTop, which can be fastened to an existing Tanner Tee. Locate the Friction adjustment system by unscrewing your Tanner Tee from the base. Then look up into the bottom pipe and see a small screw. Turn right to tighten.  You'll notice the up and down adjustment of the FlexTop is tighter after just a quarter turn. Repeat as necessary.  

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