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Training: It All Begins with the Best Batting Tee

Training: It All Begins with the Best Batting Tee

Three Attributes of the Best Batting Tee

Whether you are the parent of a child starting tee-ball or a professional baseball player, having the best batting tee that works as hard as you do, is an integral part of your game.

Tee work provides a unique opportunity for an individual to train almost anywhere and practice multiple aspects of hitting. Hitting line drives, hitting for launch angle, or just doing drills to strengthen the hands are all things that can be accomplished with a hitting tee, also called a batting tee. 

Outside of a bat, glove, and baseballs or softballs, batting tees are the most important training aid for a player’s development. Live pitching is not always available. Coaches can't always squeeze in everyone on the team, and many training locations are not sized to allow live batting practice.

So you need a batting tee because you probably don't live on a full-size field, so the garage is likely going to be your training facility. So how do you know what the best batting tee is for you?

There are numerous options across the internet and in sporting goods stores. We want to take this opportunity to explain why Tanner Tees are the best batting tee for your game, whether you’re a softball or baseball hitter, in little league or the big leagues.

As you may expect from a professional batting tee manufacturer, we believe in our products and respectfully feel that a Tanner Tee is the best batting tee for your hitters’ development and for the value our tees provide. We back this up with more than 25 years of service in this industry. Our mission is simple: To build the very best batting tees we can and to support players and coaches who value tee work.

The Best Batting Tee on the Market!”

This is a phrase you’ll see thrown around the internet, unfortunately it does not provide any value when you're looking for answers.  Whether Tanner Tees are the best tee on the market or if we are a durable pro style batting tee is up to our hitters to decide. (Read Tanner Tee Reviews).

With that being said, here are the three criteria that make a batting tee work for your brand new hitter or a professional alike.

We believe the combination of Durability, Hitting Experience and Value make a batting tee a great choice.

Product Durability

Tanner Tees perform every day in high-use scenarios in locations like colleges and high school programs, as well as our Facility Partner Training Centers where tee work is practiced daily.

If you counted the number of swings Tanner Tees receive in a high use location, it’s 100 cuts per hour, 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, 4 weeks per month, 12 months a year. That’s an estimated 96,000 cuts per year on one Tanner Tee. It is this level of durability that has afforded us the opportunity to supply tees for thousands of satisfied high-use customers who have confidence that our tees can withstand constant use day after day.

Our strong metal construction combines with a base assembly with no moving parts, no pins to lose, and no mechanics that can break down. This is sound manufacturing combined with quality metal parts and an assembly process with over 25 years to support our claim that Tanner Tee is a highly durable batting tee you can trust.

"The last tee that you will buy. Great design. Very durable."

William S.

"Easy to transport and adjust for hitters and locations. Best tee on the market."


Overall Hitting Experience

For years, Tanner Tee was the only batting tee in professional baseball. That’s changed. These days there are multiple players in the field, but Tanner Tee still remains the most popular tee in pro ball. This is attributed to the consistent, professional level hitting experience our tees provide and the confidence big-league equipment managers have in Tanner Tees.

The hand-rolled Flextop™ is the difference maker in our batting tees. It was conceived more than 25 years ago by founder Joe Tanner, and today you’ll see it on numerous brands who have adopted the Tanner Tee design and even our Flextop rubber ball rest.  Founder Joe Tanner pioneered the Flextop.  Whatever the training goal is, our rolled rubber Flextop provides the batting tee top to achieve that. Hitters cannot feel the tee at contact. 

Any swing plane or launch angle can be achieved and maximized with the rolled rubber top making a Tanner tee the best batting tee.

"The company is a small family run US company with excellent customer service. Can't recommend it enough."

Dave S.

Value for Dollar

In consideration of value, we know customers want to a tool that gets results, that lasts, and one that is appropriately priced.  In terms of price, Tanner Tee the Original, our best-seller, is positioned less expensive than many pro-style tees. We bring further value to our hitters by offering repairs on tees built after 2009. Some argue this shows our tees need repairs, but the truth is that a repairable tee is a great benefit to our long-time, heavy-use customers that don’t have to buy new when their tees are worn out.

There’s no doubt that Tanner Tees go a long way and each comes with the Tanner Customer Guarantee, but at some point, a cost-effective means to refurbish or purchase a replacement part adds a cost savings value for our customers.

"Don't waste your money on other tees. You want the best then buy a Tanner Tee."

James B.

That's the Ball Game

On the surface, many of the batting tees you see on the web today may look very similar. When you stack them up and factor in the most critical elements - the durability, portability, hitting experience, and price - the Tanner Tee towers above the competition.

Your First Tee Ball Set: The Essential Guide and #1 Best Choice

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About the Author

Andy joined the company in 2012 after seven years in the military as a member of US Army Special Forces. As a Green Beret, he worked in small teams of highly trained combat soldiers and brings a special operations mindset to business and leadership. He has a degree in exercise physiology from Stetson University and was a collegiate athlete. At Tanner Tees, his focus is on brand building, ecommerce operations, and customer experience. Andy enjoys fitness, all things sports and doing yardwork at home.

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