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The Top Holiday Gift for the Baseball/Softball Player in Your Life

The Top Holiday Gift for the Baseball/Softball Player in Your Life

The Top Holiday Baseball/Softball Gift

It’s that time of year when we’re searching for the best training gifts for our baseball and softball family members. We’re reading reviews, asking friends for product recommendations, and hunting for deals. While there are many gift options in the baseball/softball category, from our experience at Tanner Tees we want to tell you why a batting tee is the best gift you can give the baseball or softball player in your life.

Batting Tees Are the Best Training Aid

While not every travel ball player is going to play professionally, at Tanner Tees we know the impact batting tee training has made on the careers of many big leaguers. Some have even written about batting tees in their memoirs, acknowledging that a Tanner Tee was the most important tool for success at the highest levels in the game.

A batting tee is the one training aid that follows a player from his first at bat to his final at bat. It is the best training aid for adapting to a player’s particular skillset. The newest participants to the game can work on making good contact and having fun. Seasoned hitters can get the repetitions they require to build strength and achieve bat control. As a baseball training aid, batting tees are the ideal tool to provide the precise level of training, be it simple or advanced, for each hitter.

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Connecting with Your Kids Through the Game

We build tees for every hitter at every level, and we often say “careers start with the tee.” As a family business, we are admittedly very enthusiastic about batting tees, but the truth is that all careers lead back to backyard baseball, where a parent stood in as a first time coach and a little kid had a smile doing what was fun – swinging a stick at a round object and running towards a base.

It’s easy to stay involved with sports when the kids are young, but as they play at higher levels and mature, owning a batting tee for home use can be a great way to connect with your teenage hitters while concurrently providing training value for their game. All you have to do is put the ball on the tee for twenty minutes. You don’t have to be a coach or have insight into today’s hitting jargon. If you do, that’s great. But if not, you can be a training guide, asking the appropriate questions to steer them towards the outcome they desire. What are you working on today? What is a good repetition? Would you like to hit again tomorrow? So if you want to get involved with your kid’s game, we suggest a batting tee is a great option.

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Batting Tees Are a Necessity, Not Just a "Nice to Have"

If you have a family member who is a youth baseball coach, private hitting coach, or helping out after work with coaching the kid’s team, we can guarantee one piece of equipment they would love to have is a batting tee. Batting Tees are necessary for everyone involved in playing or coaching baseball or softball. Coaches need tees to run practices because it’s hard to find fields that can take live BP, practice time does not permit every hitter to get live pitching, and if every hitter is getting live pitch reps, time permits only a few swings per hitter.

For a coach pitch team, there are only so many moms or dads who can throw strikes. For that same youth team, tee stations allow more kids to get more reps in less space. Tee ball is where it all starts, and it's pretty simple - more tees mean more hitters get exposed to the sport; perhaps they sign up for next season, and the season after that, and eventually find themselves playing the sport they love with a college scholarship.

So from our perspective at Tanner Tees, everyone in baseball and softball should own a batting tee, and we’d love for it to be a Tanner Tee.


Select Your Perfect Batting Tee Now

Visit our batting tee selector tool page to find the best tee for the baseball/softball hitter in your life or contact us directly at 800-230-6219 and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

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