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Tanner Heavy Batting Tee Celebrates 2 Years

Tanner Heavy Batting Tee Celebrates 2 Years

Model: Tanner Heavy

Tee Ranges: Adult (9 and up), Youth (8 and below), & Low Ball (advanced below-the- knee scenarios)

Price: $120, Free Shipping

Best for: Baseball, Softball, Slow Pitch 

In January 2016, we piloted the  Tanner Heavy batting tee at the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) convention. This batting tee was a brand new concept that featured both a weighted base and an innovative shape – which was unlike most batting tees up to that point that were square, rectangular or some adaptation of a home plate shape. The Tanner Heavy’s design resembled an eagle claw, with an elongated front to back shape and three points of surface to ground contact for enhanced stability across a variety of surfaces.

During testing on the fields and in batting cages, the majority of feedback we received indicated the Tanner Heavy looked different. But in this case, different translated into functional advantages that would become evident after just a few repetitions.

Intelligently Weighted

Building on the tradition and reputation of  Tanner Tee the Original, still our best seller, the Tanner Heavy is similar but different. It offers the easy adjustability and the tightly wound Flextop that makes our tees Tanner Tees. But it is the re-engineered shape of the base – “the claw” - combined with added weight that makes the tee intelligently weighted. The elongated shape and three points of contact mitigates instability on any hitting surface better than a square flat base batting tee. It can also rest on or off a throw-down rubber home plate without the tee leaning, allowing hitters to place the tee anywhere they want to train.

Tanner Heavy Batting Tee Reviews

Great Tee
This is a great tee. We’ve used it on the dirt and turf and it doesn’t move. Definitely worth a few extra bucks for the Heavy Tee.

Ricardo S.
Verified Buyer
2018-02- 05

Softball Version of Heavy Tee
This thing is amazing!!!! Well worth the money. I hit 50 balls before bp to get loose and 50 after to reinforce my mechanics. So far I love it. 10 stars Very well constructed well worth it!

Woodrow H.
Verified Buyer
2018-01- 25

To note, our best seller continues to be Tanner Tee the Original. It receives thousands of customer reviews, is used at the highest level of professional baseball, and stands strong in training facilities where it’s tee work every day. That being said, in less than two years in our product line, the Tanner Heavy has become our second bestselling tee, and the Reviews show customers are finding great value in its different form and function.

Exceptional Value
I have bought plenty of plastic/rubber tees through the years. With my son now in 8th grade, I wanted to get something that will last more than a year or 2. I went with the Tanner heavy bc of better materials, plus the design of the base allows you to do tee work even when not on level ground. Several weeks and hundreds of swings later... I am pleased.

Jeremy C.
Verified Buyer
2017-11- 16

Awesome Tee
110% Happy with this product!!!! It's worth every cent!!!!

Verified Buyer
2017-09- 07

Outstanding Product
This is my first Tanner Tee. I have 3 others I use for slow pitch hitting instruction and the quality of this one blows the competitors away. The weighted base is solid and the post, including the ball support, is built to last. Easy to transport and setup. Changing tee height is smooth and consistent. Base does not “walk” upon contact. Before purchase I received input from a HS coach and a youth coach. Both have owned multiple Tanner Tees through the years.

Tom M.
Verified Buyer
2017-08- 28


Despite a higher price point (which is certainly a consideration), the Tanner Heavy has performed very well for Tanner Tee hitters and coaches. In two years since ABCA 2016, it’s reached every level of baseball and softball, with satisfied hitters in garages, basements, facilities and pro cages.   View our professional batting tees now

If you’d like to learn more about the Tanner Heavy, or any Tanner Tees product, we are available and happy to assist. We can match the best product for your budget and training scenario. Give us a call, email or social media message (@tannertees) anytime.

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