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The Two Tee Softball Hitting Drill with Megan Rembielak

In this article, Tanner Tees welcomes back Megan Rembielak with MegRem Softball to share her insight on the Two Tee Softball Hitting Drill, also known as the Two Tee Extension Drill.

When hitting, extension is important because it gives you maximum power and direction in your swing. Some hitters struggle to keep their barrel through the zone because their wrists start to roll too soon.

Here's a hitting drill for power that can help with that:

Set up a tee down the middle and a tee right in front of your stride foot. When taking your swing for the ball down the middle, make sure after contact your barrel is staying through the zone as long as possible before following through and finishing.

If your barrel comes out of the zone too soon or your wrists are rolling over, this drill gives you immediate feedback and you will hit that ball right in front of your front foot.


A big thank you from all of us here at Tanner Tees to Megan Rembielak for sharing the Two Tee Softball Hitting Drill/Two Tee Extension Drill for players to work on their extension which provides more power at the plate and helps to direct the ball.

Stay tuned as we release more hitting drill content like this from our friends, coaches, and players throughout our community!

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What's up, everyone? This is Megan Rembielak with MegRem Softball, and I'm going to be showing you a hitting drill that you can do to help work on your extension.

So extension is something that we want in our swing. It helps give us maximum power, and it helps us direct the ball. So after contact, where we make contact with that ball, we want bend in our elbows, because we want to be able to keep our barrel through the zone as long as possible before we come around.

So the zone, think of it like a tunnel from home to the pitcher. We want our barrel to stay through that zone as long as possible. If we take our barrel after contact right out of the zone way too soon, we've lost power. We're probably going to be hitting a ground ball. So this drill is going to help us with that.

I got two tees set up. One is down the middle. The other tee is going to be right in front of my stride foot. So for me, that's my left foot.

Right after I take my load and my heel is down, that ball is going to be right in front. These two balls are going to be even. What we're going to do is we're going to swing normal, and we are going to hit this ball down the middle. We are going to make sure that our barrel stays through the zone as long as possible before we come around. This ball is here to help enforce that.

If we get to contact and we rip our barrel out of that zone too soon, we are probably going to hit this ball. So this is just a great visual to make sure that our barrel is going straight ahead before we come around. So you'll set up normal, taking your time, take your load, swing. I have missed that ball in the front because my barrel stayed through the zone as long as possible.

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