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Best Gifts for Baseball Players, Softball Hitters and Coaches - Part 2

Best Gifts for Baseball Players, Softball Hitters and Coaches - Part 2

Looking for that perfect gift idea this holiday season (or any time of the year)? Here's our official list of the most popular training aids and equipment of 2022 that make great gifts any time of the year, but especially if you're looking for gifts for baseball players, softball players or a favorite coach.

Don't miss Part 1 where we broke down the best selling batting tees and tee bundles that are sure to delight every hitter whether they are a beginner, youth, collegiate or professional player. Both lists are filled with great gifts whether you're upgrading equipment, replacing equipment or building your training equipment setup.

1) Tanner Ball Caddy

Saves your back!  This softball and baseball ball caddy holds training balls at a convenient height for coaches who flip a lot of bp. Ultra portable, lightweight, and weather resistant.

  • This ultra-portable, lightweight ball caddy makes batting practice much more enjoyable!
  • The net portion becomes a baseball bag with handles
  • The stand fits easily into the included carrying case.
  • Set Up Time - 5 seconds

Tanner Softball and Baseball Training Balls

Adding different types of training balls to your practice sessions adds complexity and helps develop important hand eye coordination skills. Tanner offers a number of training balls for softball and baseball training. These are two of our most popular training balls.

Small Training Baseballs

Just like a real baseball... only smaller. The reduced surface area of the a small baseball forces baseball and softball hitters to be more precise in their swing to to make contact.

Sometimes called a mini baseball, these small baseballs balls are ideal for both baseball and softball hitting practice, as well as fielding drills. Users tell us that the small size really helps to train precision so that when you switch back to regular size training balls, "they seem like beachballs."

  • Used for hitting or infield work
  • Genuine leather
  • Adds difficulty to any training session by requiring greater precision 
  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Available in 3-pack or a Dozen

Soft Rubber, Limited Flight Training Balls

Introducing a soft rubber training ball to hitting practice allows hitters to take a full swing and not worry about chasing balls spread all over the field.

The soft airflow training ball is perfect for home practice and small spaces where a traditional baseball might not be practical. 

With a set of one dozen (12) or a 3-pack of 2.5 oz light airflow rubber training balls, you'll be set for front toss, flips, batting tee training, or teaching a young player how to catch.

Limited flight, soft rubber training balls are perfect for backyard or indoor training.

Also available in softball size.

Tanner Flex Frame 7 x 7 Net with Carrying Bag

Portable, flex-frame, 7x7 ft. quick set-up practice net for baseball and softball.  Perfect for hitting and throwing practice. Includes carrying bag with shoulder strap.

  • Portable sock net for easy traveling
  • Includes carrying bag with shoulder strap
  • Used for softball or baseball, hitting or throwing practice
  • Lightweight (Weighs less than 20 lbs)

Pitcher's Pocket Net

Ready to hone your throwing accuracy? The 9-hole Pitcher's Pocket is a pitching net that works great for baseball and softball. It features 9 net pockets the size of the actual strike zone for true feedback during practice. The durable metal frame is adjustable. 

  • 9 Individual Pockets
  • Used for pitchers, infielders, and catchers to improve throwing accuracy
  • Height adjustable
  • Made of heavy-duty, commercial-grade materials

Hitting Drills for a Batting Tee Book

  • 20 Hitting Drills
  • Written by a former Major Leaguer
  • The essentials of batting tee drills that EVERY baseball player should know
  • Personal Drill Helper matches swing problems to the drills that will help that problem
  • Paperback, with full-color illustration
  • INCLUDES 20 FREE VIDEOS - One for each drill in the book
  • Bonus videos

ProVelocity Training Bat

The ProVelocity Bat is a baseball/softball training bat that lets hitters work on two hitting fundamentals at the same time - swing path and bat speed.  

Hitters get instant swing feedback from audible clicks to know when their mechanics are right, and when they are not. Improve your swing and power by using the ProVelocity Bat for batting practice, dry swings, or for batting tee work.

  • Choose between the Extreme 33" adult bat, Standard 32" bat for adults, and the 30" bat for 12U players (youth).
  • Develops proper swing path (Learn by feel, self-correcting)
  • Improves bat speed through better swing fundamentals (creating a "whip" swing) 
  • Improves bat speed through strength training (overload / underload)
  • Add resistance bands as your strength and swing efficiency increases.

Sequence Training Bat

The Sequence Bat is a baseball/softball training bat that takes the guess-work out of getting hitters into a strong palm up/palm down position while making rolling over impossible.

The patented "second" bat handle of the Sequence Bat complements the knob handle and creates a swing path that helps the hitter feel what a strong contact position is to improve form and performance

Promotes bat speed and power; Develops more powerful swing sequencing and better swing path (Learn by feel, self-correcting)

Insider Bat Training Bat

The Insider Bat is an innovative hitting aid that trains hitters to keep the hands inside the baseball, reduce roll over, and encourage a palm up / palm down swing for better swing mechanics.

The angled design of the Insider Bat shaft does not allow contact with the ball without the proper swing technique, giving the hitter instant feedback. Great hitting tool for coaches. 

Use with soft rubber baseballs, foam, or wiffle balls. Designed for right-handed and left-handed hitters and for one-hand or two-hand drills. 

Hitting Knob Bat Weight

Use the Hitting Knob bat weight in every aspect of offensive training including the on-deck circle, tee work, soft toss, cage work, slow pitch, and fast pitch.

Available in a variety of weights, the unique design of the Hitting Knob bat weight keeps the weight close to the hitter's hands to help maintain proper swing mechanics while developing strength and bat speed.

Conveniently attaches to your bat, which means you don't need an extra training bat in your bat bag. Just insert the knob of just about any bat into the Hitting Knob bat weight, push down until it clicks, and you're ready to train with an overloaded bat handle. Just "click in" to train with an extra weight and "click out" to return back to normal bat weight.

Best Gifts for Baseball Players, Softball Players and Coaches

Whether you're looking for great gifts for baseball players and softball hitters, or just looking to enhance your training gear, these are some of the most popular training tools available at TannerTees.com. Don't miss Part 1 of this Gift Guide reviewing the top batting tees and batting tee bundles.

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