Baseball Gifts for Baseball Dads, Coaches, and Players

Updated: June 17, 2020

Baseball Gifts for Baseball Dads, Coaches, and Players

Thanksgiving has come and gone, which means that it's now officially the holiday season. To help you on your gift-giving quest, we've compiled a handy shopping guide. Gifts for baseball dads can sometimes be tough to come by, but we're here to help! You'll find something for everyone—the baseball dad, baseball coach and of course, the ballplayer on your list.

Tanner Pro Batting Tee

Every player needs a quality batting tee that will last years and never let them down. The Tanner Pro, with its weighted non-skid base, stays right where you put it—even after a missed hit. And with slim form factor, packing and hauling to and from practice is easy.

Batting tee work is essential for every ballplayer. Investing in a quality tee today will provide years of fruitful practice for years to come.

Buy a Tanner Pro Now.

Lumberlend Bat Mugs: A Drinking Mug Made out of a Baseball Bat

Lumberlend Bat Mugs

This is a really unique baseball gift—a mug crafted out of the barrel of a wood bat. With lots of personalization options, it’s a brag-worthy memento for any baseball fan. And, you really can drink out of it!

Learn more about Lumberlend bat mugs here.

Premium Baseballs

Tanner Premium Baseballs

What's tee work without a solid ball? Our baseballs are premium quality and priced right for your practice needs. With lower seams, a dual-layered core, and a genuine leather cover, they provide the pop you want to hear at contact.

Pick up a dozen Tanner Premium balls today.  Use Coupon Code: BASEBALL

Moment 58mm Telephoto Lens: A Zoom Lens for Your Smartphone

Moment 58mm Lens

Know someone who takes a lot of video at baseball games? This is perfect for them.

Moment makes lenses that attach to your phone. Their 58mm telephoto lens can help you capture distant action from the bleachers in much better quality.

Smartphones take great video, but they don’t zoom very well. Digital zoom results in grainy, poor-quality photos and videos from the bleachers. These lenses provide clear optical zoom, improving video and photo quality for those big in-game moments.

Learn more about the Moment 58mm Tele lens here.

Smart Baseball by Keith Law: A Book on How Baseball Stats are Changing

Smart Baseball is written by Keith Law, a former Blue Jays front office member and current ESPN baseball writer. The book is an introduction into sabermetrics and many of the new stats that are becoming common in modern baseball.

For the baseball dad who is hearing more and more about sabermetrics but hasn't yet taken the plunge into them, this book is a great starting point.

Learn more about Smart Baseball here.

Tanner Heavy Tee + Net Bundle

Tanner Heavy + Net Bundle

After a short time of picking up baseballs after tee work without a net, it becomes pretty clear that you need a portable hitting net. Pair the Tanner Heavy with the Tanner Net so your player can get in BP just about anywhere.  

Take advantage of bundle discount pricing today.

Ball Caddy: A Light, Portable Basket for Holding Baseballs

Tanner Ball Caddy

When throwing batting practice, hitting fly balls and grounders, bending over hundreds of times to retrieve the next ball is a tiresome task. It's no wonder baseball dads get worn out so fast after a long day at the field.

The Ball Caddy is a lightweight, easy-to-carry basket that keeps baseballs within arms-length, making every activity on the field easier.

Buy your own Ball Caddy here. Get a Ball Caddy for $30 with the purchase of any tee on tannertees.com, just add the tee and the caddy to your cart and proceed to checkout!

Pocket Radar: A Low-Cost Radar Gun to Track Hitting Improvement

Pocket Radar

For hitters, it's important to get on a great training plan that includes tee work, coaching and strength training. Every player's off-season goal should be to improve his swing and make more consistent hard contact.

It's important to track progress to know how well a training program is working.

Pocket Radar's Ball Coach is a pocket-sized radar gun that works well in close distances behind home plate. Professional radar guns typically range from $600 to $2000, and Pocket Radar's models come in around the $300 range.

For the player or coach wanting to track hitting exit speed and pitching velocity, this can be a great gift that is much more portable and affordable than professional radar guns.

Learn more about Pocket Radar here.

Grandstand Comfort Seat: A Padded Chairback for Uncomfortable Bleachers

Grandstand Comfort Seat

Watching a game from those cold, metal bleachers is uncomfortable. Watching 50 of them each season? Even harder.

This padded bleacher seat is one of many styles that can make the diehard fan a lot more comfortable over a long season. Some ballparks just aren't built for lawn chairs, so it's always good to have a second option when the best view is from the bleachers.

Learn more about the bleacher seat here.

The Thinking Baseball App: Learn Game Situations from Your Smartphone

Thinking Baseball App

Thinking Baseball is a smartphone app that displays a game situation. Then, it asks you a multiple-choice question about where players should move and what their roles are in that play.

For players and coaches who want to improve their situational knowledge of baseball, it's a fun and easy way to visualize the game. And, the narration is done by a former MLB announcer!

The app is a paid subscription but also has a free version to try. Check it out here or through the app store on your phone.

DJI Osmo III Gimbal: Track the Movements of Players on the Field with Smooth Video

DJI Gimbal

The DJI Osmo III gimbal is a handheld smartphone stabilizer that will allow you to take smooth video of the big game without any shakiness.

And, what's very cool about this gimbal is that it has ActiveTrack technology. This allows you to touch a subject and the gimbal will follow him or her while you record, keeping the subject centered in the frame.

Want footage of your starting centerfielder running down a deep fly ball, with smooth, stable footage? This gimbal might be the perfect gift. For as high-tech as it is, it's also relatively inexpensive.

See it in action and learn more on DJI’s website.

Bose Frames: Sunglasses That Play Music For Listening in the Bleachers

Bose Frames

The modern baseball mom and baseball dad spend long hours at the ballpark and on the road supporting their future All-Stars.

For the music lover, Bose Frames sunglasses are a great gift. They play music through built-in speakers in the ear stems, at a volume audible only to the person wearing them.

If you know someone who would want a soundtrack to listen to at the ballpark, these high-tech sunglasses might be for them. Though they’re a little pricey, they could be a great gift for the baseball mom or baseball dad who would love to inconspicuously listen to music in the bleachers. They come in a style for both men and women.

Learn more about Bose Frames here.

A Gift for Everyone

Hopefully this gift list left you with a few unique ideas for the baseball coach, player or parent in your life. There are some creative, innovative companies out there making some really cool products to support this great game of ours.

Which gift is your favorite? What did we leave off? Leave us a comment and let us know.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Tanner!

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