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Our 2 Best Batting Nets for Baseball and Softball

Our 2 Best Batting Nets for Baseball and Softball


  1. Tanner Tees offers multiple types of softball and baseball batting nets.
  2. This overview is of our softball and baseball hitting nets and is intended to help you determine if it will meet your specific environment and needs.
  3. A Tanner Tees portable batting net works well for many coaches and hitters when it comes to a being easy to transport, serve as a safety barrier, is generally inexpensive, and works well for a hitting net for baseball and softball.
  4. A Bullet commercial quality batting net for baseball and softball offers hitters a high quality practice baseball net that can stand up to regular use and outdoor settings at the field.

At Tanner Tees we offer a variety of softball and baseball batting nets and pitching nets. Here is a quick overview of the Tanner Tees portable batting net and commercial grade hitting net for teams and training facility use to help you determine the best softball or baseball training net based on your specific environment and needs.

Tanner Tees Portable Batting Net with Carrying Bag


This is the Tanner portable batting net. Generously sized at 7' x 7' the baseball and softball hitting net is large enough to be multifunctional yet small enough to be easily moved on site. Plus, this softball and baseball hit net has a sock opening to catch baseballs or softballs for hitting and pitching practice. (No more running around the field to pick up balls.)

The advantage and purpose of a travel style practice batting net is its portability and versatility. At under 20 pounds, the entire baseball and softball hitting net fits into the carrying bag and can be set up at any location as a backyard batting net to your next away game.

Set up time is quick – simply attach the poles to the frame, then bend the poles to thread the net onto the frame. Once you do it a time or two, it becomes easy and fast. When you're done, simply pack it back into the provided carrying bag for easy transport and storage between uses.

Flexible-frame batting nets are versatile hit training aids because they are lightweight and can be moved easily. They have many uses for teams at practice - hitting drills, pitching drills, fielding practice targets, or as protective barriers to section off the field or keep a coach hitting fungo safe from on-field BP. (Be sure to check our our L-Screen Pitching Net and I-Screen Pitching Net if you're looking for protective nets.)


Commercial Quality Batting and Pitching Net from Bullet

Teams, training facilities and many individual athletes like a commercial quality batting net for its increased durability and ability to withstand regular outdoor use. The Bullet 7' x 7' batting net with sock

This Bullet 7' x 7' Batting Net with socknet was specifically designed for hitting training and pitching training and features a generous 4’ deep socknet to keep the balls in one place to reduce pick up time and maximize reps! The rugged 14-guage galvanized steel frame is durable and rust resistant which many teams and athletes prefer for outdoor practice areas.

In addition, the frame can be wrapped in all-weather, heavy duty vinyl and 1.5" impact foam for durable protection and to extend the lift of the #60 UV treated poly, double layer netting and match the team or brand color.

The heavy duty construction is an added value for users, but it comes with the tradeoff of increased weight and lack of easy portability. The Bullet batting net is not intended to move between locations, but the addition of the optional wheel kit makes it easy to move around the facility or field to facilitate practice sessions.


Are there any drawbacks to a batting net?

If there is any disadvantage for this type of baseball training net it would be that the ball has the potential to sometimes "rebound" out. Not always and not for every hitter, but it can happen. On a hard surface, a rebounding baseball can be annoying because you may find yourself picking up scattered balls.

You may ask, “Why not just add more net, there is obviously too much tension in the sock.” If you add more net, you get a product that weighs more on the frame and could collapse or affect the stability.

To counter more net weight, you need thicker poles, so the retail price goes up and you no longer have an affordable "travel-style" hitting net that the youngest players can move around. In exchange for a product that catches the baseball or softball, can be transported anywhere, can serve as a safety barrier, and doesn't cost a lot, the travel net serves players and coaches quite well.

You can hit on grass, move your position closer or farther from the net, or come up with many other innovative ways to address a minor inconvenience for a great training product.

Note - This guide is for hitting nets. If you are looking for a pitching net, or tool for developing throwing accuracy, check out this post on the best 9-hole pitching net.

Which is the Best Batting Net for You?

As you can see, both the Tanner Hitting net and Bullet Batting net are excellent option for a player, coach or facility manager that needs a cost effective batting net solution for baseball and softball. It's important to think about how you will be practicing your hitting tee work and batting tee drills (and in what environment) to ensure you choose the hitting net for baseball or softball practice.


Be sure to check out our full line of hand selected protective screens and pitching nets. The staff at Tanner Tees is always here to answer any questions you might have.  Give us a call (800-230-6219) or visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to connect with other members of our community!

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